Thursday, 3 September 2009

Showreel 09/09 (with sound)

Animation Showreel-09 João Silva from João Silva on Vimeo.

Here is my improved showreel, with some finished shots and sound. Most work is from my graduation film "Baile" and some shots from the "Great Race".
All backgrounds in this showreel were done by Joe Dennis.


  1. Hey Joao, nice work there! I can't wait to see the final HD grad film.

  2. Im on the dvd waiting list! Dancing animation is superb!

  3. WOW. Really like the dancing animation, especialy the floating in the sky bit, Can't wait to see the film now

  4. Hey Joao, how's it going? I'm one of those Australians you met in Annecy. This reel is freaking beautiful man. The shadow-dancing scene is amazing. Best of luck with the career.